This EDE is not happening in Ängsbacka by coincidence. Ängsbacka provides a fun and transformative container for social, cultural and spiritual exploration, and we are designing the program to make it possible for you to get to know and take part in the community. It is an interesting time to be at Ängsbacka as the community consciously moves towards more sustainability and are on the verge of transitioning from community to ecovillage. We will both learn from and support with this process – making this EDE a rather special one.











The European Ecovillage Conference 2017 took place at Ängsbacka – setting the scene for this EDE. Have a look at this video about the conference, life in community and ecovillage activism – featuring one of your core facilitators, Anna Kovasna.

Into Unity from Steven Sonneveld on Vimeo.


Welcome to spend a month at magical Ängsbacka!