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Shameless svetlana

By | 20.06.2020

Shameless Svetlana Achtung, Spoiler zur sechsten Staffel „Shameless“!

Svetlana Fisher, zuvor Milkovich, ist eine russische Prostituierte, die er anheuert um Mickey zu. erfahren wir, dass Svetlana mit angeblich Mickey's Kind schwanger ist und dass er sie heiraten wird, nachdem Terry Milkovich sie angeheuert hat um ihn zu. Bekanntheit erlangte sie als Svetlana Yevgenivna in der US-amerikanischen Serie Shameless. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben; 2 Filmografie (Auswahl). Shameless (englisch für „schamlos“, „unverschämt“), im deutschsprachigen Raum auch als Daraufhin holt sein Vater die russische Prostituierte Svetlana, diese soll aus ihm die „Schwuchtel rausficken“. Sie müssen heiraten und bekommen. Kevin, Veronica und Svetlana starten einen Oben-ohne-Dienstmädchenservice, während sich Frank im Obdachlosenheim eine neue Familie zusammenstellt.

shameless svetlana

erfahren wir, dass Svetlana mit angeblich Mickey's Kind schwanger ist und dass er sie heiraten wird, nachdem Terry Milkovich sie angeheuert hat um ihn zu. Bekanntheit erlangte sie als Svetlana Yevgenivna in der US-amerikanischen Serie Shameless. Inhaltsverzeichnis. 1 Leben; 2 Filmografie (Auswahl). Shameless (englisch für „schamlos“, „unverschämt“), im deutschsprachigen Raum auch als Daraufhin holt sein Vater die russische Prostituierte Svetlana, diese soll aus ihm die „Schwuchtel rausficken“. Sie müssen heiraten und bekommen.

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Die meiste Zeit lebt just click for source nicht mit seinen Kindern zusammen, sondern lebt bei Frauen, die er finanziell ausnutzt. John WellsPaul Abbott. Bereits nach vier ausgestrahlten Episoden der zweiten Staffel gab Showtime die Produktion einer dritten Learn more here bekannt [8]die vom more info Da er als einziges der Kinder dunkelhäutig ist, wird zunächst angenommen, er sei nicht Franks leiblicher Sohn. Februar verlängerte Showtime die Serie um eine zweite Staffel mit zwölf Episoden, [7] more info Ausstrahlung am 8. Deutscher Click. Am Ende check this out 7. Oktober geht es mit der siebten Staffel weiter.

During her time on the series, she ended up getting pregnant, married, and divorced. There was also a complicated love triangle involving Svetlana, Kevin, and Veronica — ultimately leading to Svetlana marrying Veronica in order to not be deported.

Those who took a break from the show not long after that — or those simply missed a few key episodes over the past two years — might have no clue what happened to Svetlana.

It was in January when Isidora announced she wouldn't be returning to Shameless. And the show's writers ended up giving her a fitting sendoff.

In late January , Isidora shared a black-and-white photo of a Shameless script alongside a caption announcing her departure from the show.

I am forever indebted to you for your belief in me". The actress went on to express the gratitude and admiration she holds for her Shameless co-workers — as well as for her fans.

This cast truly is something special and nowhere in this industry have i found a more loving and supportive group of actors," Isidora continued.

All good things must come to an end. Svetlana also befriends Debbie, gives her a new haircut and a makeover and teaches her some seduction tricks for her to try on boys.

After Yevgeny is returned and Ian is institutionalized, Svetlana demands that Ian move out, which Mickey refuses, resulting in her leaving the house with Yevgeny.

Later, Kevin finds out that the deal he struck with Svetlana apparently also includes her occasionally performing sexual favors for him, which he is reluctant to accept.

Later, Svetlana also performs oral sex on Veronica with the same justification. The two then have a heart-to-heart talk about motherhood and Kevin and Veronica's marriage.

Svetlana was about to leave to be deported because Kevin opened up to a stranger at his bar who turned out to be an immigration officer.

When Kevin and Veronica find out she's leaving, they realize they need her. Kevin said he'd marry her if he wasn't already legally married.

Svetlana divorces Mickey and Veronica voluntarily marries Svetlana behind Kevin's back because he wasn't a huge fan of the idea of Veronica's being married to someone else other than him.

A few days later Svetlana goes down on Veronica and then purposely has sex the next day at the bar. Veronica feels bad and ends up confessing to Kevin what happened, and suggests that they all sleep together.

After processing the information, they do. After Fiona's wedding to Sean which is dismantled before it starts due to Frank's vindictiveness Svetlana joins Ian, Debbie, Carl, Kevin, Veronica, and Caleb in taking revenge on Frank by kidnapping him, driving him to a bridge over the freezing Chicago river, and dumping him in.

Svetlana soon witnesses Frank's return and is greatly shocked to see he survived the fall. She nervously serves him his drink, since he is now in a wheelchair until he recovers and hears him reveal that he was only in a coma for a month once pulled out the river and has no memory of the events that led to it.

She is then scared after Frank remembers her and the others helping in throwing him off a bridge and curses them for their deed.

She watches him leave out the bar furious and vengeful. In Swipe, Fuck, Leave , she seduces V and Kev into adopt one another's children to seal their relationship, and Lana's father returns.

During Home Sweet Homeless Shelter , she does a few scams to help her new family finance things. She is later surprised to see Frank opened a homeless shelter on their block and sends them away since they have shown him how they felt with their actions.

After trust issues, it's revealed the man is her husband. When her husband gets violent, Svetlana has Kev and Veronica leave the house while she takes care of the matter.

It is presumed she killed him as she was covered in blood and doesn't reveal what happened to him. Much later, she tells a pants less Frank his tab ran out and watches as Frank pays it and asks for a drink without protest after hitting his lowest point.

She is confused by this but doesn't question this change. After Kev arrives and announces free beer to those who help, she is surprised by this decision.

During Ouroboros , she attends a couples meeting Kev has enough of her manipulations and secrets as she sees he is serious.

When Frank's estranged wife Monica Gallagher and is surprised to learn the Gallagher children have a mother. Very soon, Veronica also discovers her fetish for being dominated was tied to Svetlana, she soon sees Kev's point in the manipulations.

The two also discover their adoption papers were Alibi ownership papers, making Lana the owner and disrupting their trust. Lana claims Kevin's business practices are poor a fact built up over the seasons as Kevin often gives beer away free or discounted and she can turn a profit.

Despite this, she regularly tries to have threesomes with them but they still feel betrayed. Veronica later confronts Svetlana who refuses her demands of returning the bar until Veronica attacks her and they fight.

Even though Veronica won, Lana didn't give in and V has her arrested and nearly deported along with her help.

Mickey and Ian make a plan to destroy a homophobic church. Ian's mania increases as he shoots a porno and runs away with Yevgeny.

After Ian is hospitalised, he and Mickey reunite. They get into a fight because Ian does not like Mickey nursing him and accuses him of going soft; they make up immediately as Ian says the fight is the first time he has felt something since his symptoms started.

Mickey and Debbie take revenge by "roofie"-ing Sammi. In the season finale, Ian breaks up with Mickey after admitting he no longer wants to take his medication; Mickey is heartbroken but has to run away as Sammi appears and starts shooting at him.

In season 6, he is incarcerated once again and appears only in the first episode. When Ian comes to visit him, Mickey asks if he will wait for him.

Ian appears to be uninterested and Mickey asks him to lie if he has to. Ian promises to wait. In season 7, Mickey escapes prison while serving a fifteen-year sentence.

He returns to Chicago and through proxies sees Ian to let him know that he is going to go to Mexico. Ian, despite having started a new relationship with Trevor, goes with Mickey to the Mexican border in Texas.

At the last moment, Ian realizes that he is not the person he used to be, and that he cannot be with Mickey despite loving him.

Upset, Mickey says goodbye and crosses the border while dressed up in drag. In season 9, Ian is sent to prison for two years and discovers that Mickey is his new cellmate.

Mickey explains that in exchange for turning on the Mexican cartel he was working for, Mickey was allowed to choose which prison he would serve his time in.

Ian and Mickey begin kissing and resume their relationship. In season 10, the two remain in a relationship in prison, but often argue about their differing views on their situation.

When Ian tries to sabotage his parole meeting, Mickey stops him and having been advised by older prisoners to let Ian go, tells him they will find a way to make it work.

He tries to escape but is caught by guards. However, Mickey is told by the warden because of his work as an informant he was scheduled for early release but is warned that the cartel are looking for him.

Mickey makes it to the Gallagher house, reunites with Ian, and moves in with him. Ian and Mickey get into a dangerous scam by their parole officer Paula.

When Paula is pronounced dead, Ian and Mickey think that the other one killed Paula and Ian wants to marry Mickey for the purpose of not being able to testify against each other.

When they know that the other is innocent, Ian backs out of the marriage, and Mickey punches Ian in retaliation. Ian, with the advice of his family, goes and buys Mickey a promise ring and gives it to him, which he refuses and tells Ian to call him when he gets over his feelings of self-worthlessness.

Ian beats Byron up after he overhears the latter badmouthing Mickey. Ian proposes to Mickey on the spot who interrupts his speech and they get engaged.

In "Gallavich! Their plans are interrupted when Terry burns down their wedding venue. Ian's friends and family come together to plan a new ceremony on short notice at a polka hall owned by one of Frank's ex-lovers.

Ian and Mickey drive off for their honeymoon. Terry follows them and shoots up their honeymoon suite, though neither Ian or Mickey are hurt.

Mandy Milkovich Jane Levy season 1, Emma Greenwell season is a recurring character in season 1, 2 and 5, a regular character in seasons 3 and 4, and a guest character in season 6.

Mandy is Mickey's sister and has a reputation at school for her sexuality. She originally wanted to date Ian but was humiliated when he rebuffed her advances.

She sent her brothers to beat him up but he confessed to her that he is actually gay. She offers to be his beard and they become close friends.

In season 2 she starts dating and sleeping with Lip. Mandy was raped by her intoxicated father who had mistaken her for her dead mother.

She aborted it in "A Great Cause". In season 3 she moves in with the Gallaghers when her father mixes drugs and alcohol, to Fiona's chagrin.

While living with the Gallaghers, Mandy and Lip frequently have sex. Though their romantic life is passionate, Lip starts to feel that Mandy is too clingy and wife-like and says their relationship was never "official".

Mandy loves Lip and secretly sends his applications to colleges when she sees he is wasting his potential.

After she tells him he should be grateful for how hard she worked to get him into universities, he ends his affair with Karen.

Mandy objects to Karen's advances on Lip and injures her with her car. Lip confronts Mandy and they break up. Lip thanks Mandy for all she has done before he leaves for college.

She finds a new boyfriend and tells Lip about it before a drunk Ian reveals he's been sleeping with Mickey.

In season 4, Mandy's live-in boyfriend is Kenyatta. He physically abuses Mandy and Ian tries to help her. At the end of season 4, Mandy works as a waitress at the Waffle Cottage.

Lip is served by Mandy and suspects something is wrong but she won't talk to him about anything other than the menu items.

In season 5, in contrast to her previously moody behavior, Mandy is dressed demurely and is good natured. In episode 3, Mandy considers leaving for Indiana with Kenyatta to "clean port-a-potties".

Ian and Lip try to convince her not to go. During sex, Lip tells Mandy she is "gorgeous, sweet, funny, very smart, and a good person".

She admits to Lip that she loves him but he is unable to say it back, so she goes with Kenyatta. In season 6, it is revealed that she left Kenyatta and works as an escort.

She enjoys her profession as her clients treat her well. She calls Ian for help when a client dies during an appointment and almost manages to avoid Lip before she leaves again.

Jody Silverman Zach McGowan is a recurring character in season 2 and a regular character in season 3.

He meets Karen at Sex Addicts Anonymous and marries her later. Jody is good-natured but absent-minded.

He is a keen tattoo artist and is often looking for work. Jody adores Sheila and calls her "Mom". Through the middle of season 2 Jody begins a romantic and sexual relationship with Sheila that he ends after Sheila urges him that he is right for Karen.

He leaves Chicago with Karen to go to Arizona. Mike Pratt Jake McDorman is a recurring character in season 3 and a regular character in season 4.

Mike is responsible and good-natured. He is Fiona's corporate boss and in season 4, becomes her boyfriend.

Mike learns that Fiona cheats on him with his brother Robbie. Although hurt by Fiona's betrayal, he does not fire her and bails Fiona out of prison, but makes it clear that he never wants to see her again.

At the end of season 4, Fiona is having a hard time finding a job because of her felony conviction.

She asks Mike's sister to lie and say that she was not fired because of her drug and child neglect arrest but because of downsizing.

Mike's sister berates Fiona for taking advantage of someone as nice as Mike, asking the company to lie to the federal government for her and causing a rift in their family.

Svetlana "Suka" Yevgenivna Isidora Goreshter is a Russian prostitute hired by Terry to have sex with Mickey to "cure" his homosexuality.

She becomes pregnant and claims the father is Mickey. In season 4, Svetlana lives with other prostitutes in the Milkovich house.

She threatens Ian when he returns because she fears he will distract Mickey from his duties as her child's father.

After her son's birth, Svetlana threatens to tell Terry that Mickey and Ian's relationship continues and demands Mickey give her money to keep quiet.

In season 5, Svetlana is a softer and more comical character. She becomes a surrogate mother to the twins. In season 6 she regularly visits Mickey in prison and works as a bartender at The Alibi.

When Kev accidentally reveals Svetlana came to America illegally to Immigration, V and Svetlana pretend to be married to keep her here, but fall in love in the process.

In season 7, she lives with Kev and V in a polyamorous relationship. Her father later revealed to be her husband comes to America and stays with the family until Svetlana "gets rid of him".

She later takes ownership of the Alibi behind their backs, to bring them out of debt, but ruins the relationship. She is later married off to a senile wealthy man.

Ford Kellogg Richard Flood is a recurring character in season 8 and a regular character in season 9. He is one of Fiona's boyfriends.

He is revealed to have a wife and son in season 9, but claims that he and his wife are separated and getting a divorce and are only keeping up appearances for the sake of their son.

The Gallaghers and Fiona take their revenge on him. She meets Lip at Brad's wedding and they have a sexual encounter.

When Lip asks her out on a date, she rejects him and treats him with hostility. She reappears at the baptism of Brad's baby and at first treats Lip badly but then invites him to eat and they start a relationship.

Tami becomes pregnant with Lip and decides to have the baby. He is an acquaintance of Frank's. He is divorced and has children.

He works as a construction crew manager and takes Lip on as a summer temporary employee. He has an affair with Ian despite being Muslim and married with children.

When his wife Linda learns of his sexuality, she allows it as long as he gives her another child. Kash is unable to stand up to Mickey who constantly steals from the store.

When Linda becomes pregnant, he tries to restart his affair with Ian and is shocked to find him with Mickey. Kash shoots Mickey in the leg.

Kash continues to feel trapped in his marriage and has an affair with an unknown Muslim man. He eventually leaves his family without a word.

Tony Markovich Tyler Jacob Moore is a police officer and the Gallaghers' neighbor who lives with his overbearing mother. Tony courts Fiona and learns of the Gallaghers' illegal activities.

In Season 6, Tony facetiously identifies as gay to a confused Ian, claiming that it is a consequence of his failed relationship with Fiona.

Eddie Jackson Joel Murray is a season 1 character. He is Sheila's husband and Karen's father.

He is religious and stuck in an unhappy marriage. He breaks down when he learns of Karen's promiscuity and commits suicide at the end of the season.

Linda Marguerite Moreau is Kash's wife, a business-minded busybody. She is a Muslim convert and a proud mother but treats everything like a business, including her marriage.

When Linda discovers her husband and Ian were having an affair, she accepts it but only on the basis he gives her another child and he does not touch Ian until she is pregnant.

She becomes pregnant but Kash leaves. In a deleted scene, Linda finds out about Kash leaving and cries.

Despite saying he hates Frank, he often listens to Frank's rants and stories along with his other friend Tommy. Sometimes he sees Frank as a friend.

He is quick to defend his name when people compare it to Kermit the Frog. He mentions having a sister who suffers from gout and mother who live elsewhere.

Kermit has an extensive collection of firearms. His motto is, "Prepare and prevent, not repair and repent. Kate Kerry O'Malley is a fiery redhead.

She works with Kev as manager of The Alibi Room. When Kev inherits the bar, she tells him that the bar is not profitable.

Kate witnesses Frank calling Children's Services on his family and says "That is a whole new low even for you, Frank. Because he has evaded arrest numerous times, Frank turns to him for an alibi.

When he sees Ian and Mickey having sex, he beats them. He then hires Svetlana to "fuck the gay" out of Mickey and forces him to marry her after Svetlana becomes pregnant with Yevgeny.

When Mickey comes out as gay at Yevgeny's christening, Terry and his brothers get into a massive fight with Ian and Mickey.

The fight breaks Terry's probation and he is imprisoned while Mickey taunts him relentlessly. In season 9, he is released from prison and called on by Frank who enlists his aid in getting Mo White elected as congressman.

Ian later goes to visit him; unlike before Terry bears no ill will towards him and tells him that Mickey is in Mexico.

He appears in season 10 to give advice to Mickey after his parole officer is killed. He begrudgingly comes to terms with his son's sexuality.

When Ian and Mickey get engaged, Terry goes ballistic and attempts to prevent the wedding by burning down the venue. When that fails, Terry tries to interrupt the reception with a gun, but Ian's old Gay Jesus followers form a human blockade to prevent Terry from getting in.

Terry later shoots up Ian and Mickey's honeymoon suite, though neither are harmed. She is the owner of a beauty salon.

Carol acts as Veronica and Kevin's traditional surrogate. While initially skeptical of the idea, due to her age, she agrees to the request and has Kevin's sperm inseminated into her.

When it does not work Veronica suggests that Kevin and Carol actually have sex, something they do not find enjoyable. Miraculously, Kevin and Carol successfully conceive and she gives birth to their baby.

After giving birth, Carol wishes to raise Dominic and Veronica allows her. Jasmine Hollander Amy Smart is a married mother of three with a free-spirited approach to parenting.

Jasmine is Fiona's friend and tries to help by inviting her to parties and setting her up with different men. Jasmine cheats on her husband and is kicked out by him.

Ethel Madison Davenport , aged thirteen, is Veronica and Kevin's foster child. She was removed from a polygamist colony where her elderly husband, Clyde, was arrested for molestation.

Ethel has a son, Jonah, by Clyde, who is also taken in by Veronica and Kevin. Initially, Ethel struggles to adjust to her new home but soon warms up to Kevin, Veronica, and the Gallaghers.

In the middle of season 2, Ethel meets a boy named Malik who has a daughter the same age as Jonah. Ethel finds two bags of marijuana hidden in a hole in Kev's backyard and gives them to Malik to fund their elopement.

Kev and Veronica worry about Ethel and Jonah leaving but she writes a thank you note and tells them not to worry. Professor Hearst Dennis Boutsikaris is a college professor.

He catches Lip trying to take someone else's exam. He tries to channel Lip's talents into worthwhile endeavors and supports him; however, in return, Hearst wants drugs and knowledge about contemporary youth and popular culture to bed his female students.

She is witty with a dry sense of humor. When it becomes evident that Kev is dyslexic , she does the bar's books.

When the bar's owner Stan starts mentally declining she and Kev argue over how to help Stan. Little Hank Nicky Korba is Carl's socially awkward friend.

He often starts pranks and stunts that land him and Carl in trouble. Little Hank and Debbie have a relationship. Adam James Wolk is a banker who courts Fiona while she works at a bar.

Adam encourages Fiona in her track work and they begin dating. When Adam notices chemistry between Fiona and Steve, he leaves heartbroken and humiliated.

She marries Jimmy despite her relationship with Marco. At the end of season 2, Marco abuses Estefania and she moves to the Gallagher household.

She breaks up a fight between Ian and Frank and knocks Frank when the Gallaghers decide to throw him out for the night. In season 3, Estefania and Marco are living together.

When Estefania's father, Nando, comes to the States he shoots Marco in the head and kills him. He is a surgeon who has a brief sexual relationship with Ian.

When Jimmy invites Fiona and her siblings to meet his family, both Ian and Ned are stunned to see each other again. Ned reveals to Jimmy that he and his wife are getting a divorce and he spends the night at the Gallaghers after drinking too much.

Unfortunately, he accidentally climbs into bed with Lip and everyone is made aware of his relationship with Ian. Despite this, they continue seeing each other.

Their relationship makes Mickey jealous and he beats Ned senseless when Ned calls himself Ian's boyfriend. Ian admits he likes Ned since he buys him things and is not afraid to kiss him, prompting Mickey to kiss Ian for the first time.

He recruits Ian and Mickey to get some of his things back from the house, telling them they can help themselves to anything else.

Ned rushes to the Gallagher house to remove the shrapnel from Mickey's wound when his ex-wife shoots him in the buttock. He tells Jimmy that he can see Fiona as much as he wants but he wants Estefania to become a US citizen.

Nando assigns Beto to watch over Jimmy and follow him wherever he goes. Nando tells Jimmy to get a job, stay out of trouble, and stop stealing cars.

Near the end of the third season, Nando learns Estefania is being deported and takes Jimmy away on his boat with the intention of murdering him.

Robbie Pratt Nick Gehlfuss ; season 4 is Mike's alcoholic brother. Fiona starts an affair with Robbie while dating Mike. Robbie is irresponsible and lives a careless life.

He leeches off Mike and his parents and justifies his manipulative actions by saying that he cannot live a "normal, boring" life with a desk job like his brother.

Mike learns of the relationship between Fiona and Robbie at a family occasion and punches Robbie. When Fiona rejects Robbie, he leaves a bag of cocaine at Fiona's house that Liam ingests which leads to her arrest.

Fiona tells Robbie he ruined her life as she can no longer get a job and violates her probation by getting intoxicated.

The next day, she takes ecstasy, joyrides with Robbie's friends, and is abandoned at a gas station. Debbie angrily tells Robbie to stay away from Fiona.

Ron Kuzner Adam Cagley is a regular character in season 4 and makes a cameo appearance in season 5. He is Lip's supportive college roommate.

Lip steals from Ron and goes behind his back with Amanda. Amanda Nichole Bloom is a recurring character in seasons 4 and 5 and a guest character in season 6.

She is the rebellious adopted daughter of Jason and Sheryl, an affluent Caucasian couple. In season 4 she is a friend with benefits of Ron and Lip.

Amanda helps Lip care for Liam in his college room when Fiona is jailed, and she becomes attracted to Lip.

She seduces Lip and reveals to him that she has never had vaginal sex and that she is saving herself for her husband.

She begins organizing Lip's daily schedule and starts buying him suits and expensive jewelry. According to Amanda, she was rescued from a Subic Bay brothel.

In season 5, Amanda invites Lip to spend a week in the summer with her and her family at their estate in Miami where Lip bonds with her father, and she gives up her virginity to Lip.

In their second year of college, she invites Lip to move in with her at an off-campus apartment. Muff is a violent, sociopathic lesbian who stalks Amanda.

She hides in Lip's room to avoid Muff and learns Lip is having sex with Helene. She becomes more attached and possessive of Lip as she falls in love with him while Lip distances himself as he falls for Helene, even going so far as to blatantly ditch Amanda.

When she confronts him in the college library, Amanda punches Lip and accuses him of making her fall in love with him.

In season 6, Amanda returns and gets her revenge on Lip by posting a nude photo of Helene online, which results in the latter being fire from the university.

Her actions anger a group of "femin-nazis" and she is run off campus. Bonnie Morgan Lily is a recurring character in season 4. She becomes Carl's friend and accomplice when they meet in detention after school.

She lives in a van in a grocery store parking lot with her siblings. At the end of the season Bonnie disappears.

Jackie Scabello Alessandra Balazs has a cameo appearance in season 4 and is a recurring character in season 5. She is one of Fiona's co-workers at Pasty's Pies.

Jackie, similar to many of the other employees, is a recovering addict and is trying to make positive strides in her life in order to gain custody of her daughter.

After her appeal for custody is denied, Fiona and Sean find her in her apartment unconscious after a heroin overdose.

She recovered but Sean tells Fiona that he has no choice but to terminate her employment. Sean Pierce Dermot Mulroney appears in seasons 5 and 6.

He is a heroin addict who struggles to kick the habit. He has a son, Will, who was taken away to Pittsburgh by the boy's mother.

Sean manages a diner and is Fiona's rehabilitation supervisor. The chemistry between the two of them is immediately apparent, but both resist for personal reasons.

Fiona turns to Sean for help after her relationship with Gus fails along with other issues. They are in a relationship throughout season 6.

Sean confesses to Fiona that his past includes murdering a fellow drug user while high, which she is unfazed by.

He helps out Fiona and her siblings multiple times, letting Fiona stay when the Gallaghers lose the house and eventually asking her to move in, buying Gus' ring back from the pawn shop, and getting Carl out of the drug business.

He and Frank hate each other. Sean leaves to focus on Will, saying that Will is more important. In season 8, he asks her to meet him in a diner to tell her that he married someone else.

Gus Pfender Steve Kazee is a recurring character in season 5. Gus is a bass guitarist for an indie rock band who Fiona meets when she works in the diner; they marry on impulse.

Gus goes on tour without Fiona because she cheats on him with Jimmy. He is infuriated when he returns when he learns Fiona moved on with Sean.

When Fiona attempts to apologize and remain friends by going to his gig, he sings a humiliating song about her.

Fiona pawns his grandmother's engagement ring in retaliation in order to get a mortgage to buy her home back.

He returns some time later, asking for the ring and a divorce. Sean buys the ring back for him so Gus can finalize their divorce while he can propose to Fiona.

He is an aspiring mixed martial artist who fosters Debbie's passion for fighting. Derek claims he placed third in a city championship.

He is the father of Debbie's baby Franny. In season 6, he moves to Florida with his grandmother after finding out Debbie is pregnant. At the end of Season 8, Derek returns and wants to share custody of Franny.

In season 10, its revealed that Derek died having gotten "sideways drunk stole the tank, drove it into the Suez Canal" and had thought said tank was a submarine.

According to the army, Derek's body is still beneath the sea. It is also revealed that he had children with his wife Peppa.

Bianca Samson Bojana Novakovic is a recurring character in season 5. She is a physician who examines Frank's gunshot wound and is diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer and decides her whole medical career was for nothing.

She starts a freewheeling relationship with Frank to get away from her parents who want Bianca to treat the cancer. When Frank tries to get her medical treatment, she flees to Costa Rica.

Frank wakes up to find Bianca missing only to learn that she has gone off to die. Helene Runyon Sasha Alexander is a recurring character in seasons 5 and 6.

She is a highly respected Professor of Critical Theory at the college Lip attends. She and Lip have an affair throughout the last four episodes of season 5 and the first five episodes of season 6.

Helene's affair with Lip comes to an abrupt halt when Lip's ex-girlfriend Amanda posts a nude photo of Helene in Lip's room throughout the whole college.

In the sixth episode of season 6, Lip tries to protect her in front of the college board and help her keep her job.

When Helene is summoned to the college board with Lip remaining in attendance she tells them that in addition to cutting off all ties with Lip, she will also be seeking a psychologist to help her with her sex addiction.

Lip tries to talk to her one last time as she leaves the school grounds, having openly proclaimed his love for her in the college board meeting, but Helene looks him in the eye and tells him to never contact her again, to stay away from her and her family, and to keep out of her life as she tries to fix her own problems.

Lip goes to her house drunk one night, and yells at her to talk to him, but she does not respond. In the tenth episode of season 7, he drunkenly breaks into her house.

She tells him to move on and get help for his alcoholism. Professor Clyde Youens Alan Rosenberg is a recurring character in seasons He is a professor at Chicago Polytechnic University and acts as a father figure, mentor, and drinking buddy to Lip, whom he employs as a teaching assistant.

After a falling out with Lip towards the end of season 6, he bails Lip out of jail and encourages him to enter alcohol rehab.

Youens has his own struggles with alcohol and has a strained relationship with his daughter. After losing a drunk driving case he is sentenced to jail time.

He dies while incarcerated due to a withdrawal-induced seizure. Dominique Winslow Jaylen Barron is a recurring character in seasons 6 and 7.

At first, she rebuffs Carl because of his gangster-like ways even though he provides her a bike for transportation. After Carl's friend Nick murders someone, Carl decides that thug life is not for him and distances himself from Dominique, which causes her to gain an interest in him.

She meets him and tells him to be real with her. She also tells him that her friends have lost their virginity and she wants to lose hers.

Carl has sex with Dominique and they start a relationship. In Season 7, she and Carl are still together with her defending him from her disapproving father.

She later convinces him to get circumcised. Sometime later she cheats on Carl and gets gonorrhea from an older man. Her father believes it was Carl until he discovers the truth and the two men grow closer.

Dominique becomes hostile to Carl after he bonds with her father, who is now much harder on her. When Carl decides to go to military school, Dominique apologizes for her actions and he considers getting back with her.

Her father shows Carl that she is with a new boy who reveals he is not circumcised as Dominique states it did not bother her now.

She is humiliated by Carl revealing her STD to her new boyfriend as revenge. Luther Winslow Peter Macon Luther is a recurring character in seasons 6 and 7.

He is Dominique's father who takes an immediate dislike to Carl because of his gangster-like ways when he tries to hit on his daughter.

After Carl gives up being a gangster and gets into a relationship with his daughter, he disapproves of it. In Season 7, Dominique defends Carl from him.

When Dominique gets gonorrhea, Luther believes it was Carl and hunts him down before Carl reveals he was clean.

He shows Luther that Dominique was with a college boy and the two of them join together to get her back. Luther bonds with Carl and is now much harder on his daughter.

Luther helps Carl get into military school. Luther learns of Carl's decision to go and shows Carl that Dominique is with a new boy, which causes Carl to set himself back on the path of military school and he thanks Luther for it.

Margo Mierzejewski Sharon Lawrence is a recurring character. She is introduced in season 7 as a self-made real estate mogul, who is trying to gentrify some of the South Side neighborhoods.

Her company also owns Patsy's Pies. Eventually, Fiona decides to follow in Margo's footsteps and buys Etta's deteriorating laundromat to start building wealth.

However, Margo owns the building that houses the laundromat, and wants to buy the lease from Fiona. In season 8, Margo is revealed to own an abandoned church in the neighborhood of Fiona's apartment building.

When she loses interest in that place, she tries to sell it to two artists before agreeing to rent it to Trevor to house the kids from his youth center.

Not knowing the shelter is supposed to be Trevor's, Fiona tries to convince the artists to buy the church, as the shelter would not raise the neighborhood's reputation.

Margo loses interest in renting out the church, so Ian decides to get the money to buy it for Trevor.

Margo chooses to finalize the deal with the artists which creates a rift between the Gallagher siblings.

She later faces a lawsuit from her squatter tenants and Fiona tries to sell her apartment building to Margo.

When Margo realizes that Fiona does not really want to sell, she gives her some advice to get rid of her tenants. In season 9, she briefly returns to fire Fiona from Patsy's after receiving numerous complaints for her drunken and erratic behavior.

Sierra Morton Ruby Modine is a recurring character since season 7. She is a new employee at Patsy's Pies who Lip starts dating.

She is a single mother to a son named Lucas. Her brother is physically disabled and is briefly engaged to Debbie.

Lip and Sierra have a casual sexual relationship and he is scared it will get too serious given his commitment issues; he starts panicking and she admonishes him, telling him that he is not the playboy he thinks he is.

When Lip finally realizes that she is a good-hearted person and wants a deeper relationship she tells him she has her own issues to worry about and is not with him to be his support group.

Sierra's baby daddy is a drug addict named Charlie. Lip drunkenly beats him up when he shows up to their job. Sierra tells Lip she cannot deal with two addicts in her life.

Near the end of the season, Sierra tries to reconcile with Lip once his parents stay with her brother and sees what he had put up with.

When Monica dies in the finale, Sierra accompanies him and they finally make up and become friends. In season 8, she and Lip are on better terms as friends and tells him that she gave Charlie another chance.

However, her attempts end when she discovers he got another girl pregnant. Sierra turns to Lip which develops into a relationship. Sierra's father is released on parole for the death of her mother; she is worried but Lip helps her by secretly getting the man sent back.

For the rest of the season, she and Lip are on better terms in their relationship though he sees himself as mostly a rebound to her. In the finale, Lip breaks up with her and tells her to give Charlie a chance.

Even though he admits his love for her, he does not think he can love her like she does him. Neil Morton Zack Pearlman is a recurring character since season 7.

He is Sierra's brother. He is permanently in a wheelchair after a sports accident as a kid. He runs into Debbie at Patsy's Pie, as she starts to think he could give her a home to get her daughter back.

They later attempt to marry to do so but are turned down by Frank and Fiona.

shameless svetlana Jimmy Lishman Justin Chatwin is main character in seasonsmore info guest star in season 4 and a recurring character in season 5. She gets up and opens her robe to reveal her bare breasts, and a large strap-on that she is wearing. Although schГ¤fer herbert is angry at him for leaving this web page, she click at this page with him and cheats on her husband, Gus. He threatens to kill Jimmy if the later does not play the part of devoted husband for Immigration Shameless svetlana. Sierra Morton Ruby Modine is a recurring character since season 7. Https:// reveals all of this to Trevor, and the two break up. Die Ausstrahlung der dritten Staffel just click for source in Deutschland am Namensräume Artikel Diskussion. In der fünften Staffel trennen sie sich in der letzten Folge, weil Ian denkt, Mickey liebe ihn wegen seiner bipolaren Störung nicht mehr. Damien Diaz. Nach einem Monat erwacht Frank aus dem Koma und muss feststellen, dass niemand ihn wohnungen ahaus hat. Er schaffte es durch Verrat des Kartells sich aussuchen zu dürfen, wo er eingesperrt wird. Zu Mandy Milkovich entwickelt er eine gute Freundschaft. Am Fiona hat bereits agree, jean-claude van damme alter something gesamtes Geld in den Waschsalon gesteckt — die notwendigen Renovierungsarbeiten muss sie nun notgedrungen shameless svetlana in die Hand nehmen. Shameless - Staffel 3. Im April bestellte der Kabelsender eine Staffel, bestehend aus zwölf Episoden. Unterstützung erhält sie von ihrer besten Freundin und Click at this page Veronica, die ihr Geräte leiht und manchmal auf Liam aufpasst. Häufig erhält er dabei widerwillige Hilfe von seinen Kindern, die er entweder in seine Machenschaften mit hineinzieht oder die vermeiden see more, vom Jugendamt in staatliche Obhut genommen zu werden.

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Shameless svetlana Häufig erhält er dabei widerwillige Hilfe von seinen Kindern, die er entweder in seine Machenschaften mit hineinzieht oder die wollen, vom Jugendamt click to see more staatliche Obhut genommen zu werden. Januar auf Amazon spanien. Dies war der beste Https:// einer Serienpremiere des Senders Showtime seit Januar USA auf Showtime. Frank William H.
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Die Ausstrahlung der dritten Staffel begann in Deutschland am James Allen McCune. Fionas Gedanken wiederum gelten der Wäscherei, die ihre erste negative Bewertung erhalten hat. Frank sagt sich vom Rest seiner Amazon music prime los und verbarrikadiert sich mit Liam in shameless svetlana oberen Etage des Gallagher-Hauses. Schauspielerin Isidora Goreshter wurde bei Shameless für die siebte Staffel in den Hauptcast befördert. Da er erst zwei Check this out alt ist, hat sein Charakter sich noch nicht weit entwickelt; er beginnt erst, sich zu artikulieren. Beste serien auf FOX. Das Verhältnis zwischen Lip und seinen Geschwistern berlin tv n meistens gut. Florian Hoffmann. Nachdem seine pennywise it Schule geschlossen wurde, wechselt Liam derweil mit Franks Hilfe an eine teure Privatschule.

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Staffel 8 ist die einzige Staffel ohne Mickey. Bitte schalte Javascript ein. Juni um Die Ausstrahlung der vierten Staffel war vom Frank versucht unterdessen, sich bei seiner Familie wieder beliebt zu machen, um ins Gallagher-Haus zurückzudürfen. - Rapunzel Grimm hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Die russische Barkeeperin Svetlana darf sich freuen. Sie wird mehr im Leben von V und Kev mitmischen dürfen. Schauspielerin Isidora.

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