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Phineas und ferb candace

By | 23.09.2019

Phineas Und Ferb Candace Eine düstere, wahre Geschichte hinter der Serie?

Candace „Candy“ Gertrude Flynn (* Juli ) ist die jährige Schwester von Phineas und. Genau wie bei Candace glaubt Linda ihm nicht. Er arbeitet als Antiquitätenhändler. Perry, das Schnabeltier / Agent P. Perry ist Phineas' und Ferbs Haustier. Was. Eine düstere, wahre Geschichte hinter der Serie? Das tragische Leben der Candace Flynn; Wie viel. Read Candace Flynn from the story Die wahre Geschichte von Phineas und Ferb by svenson13 with reads. phineasundferb, kinderserie. - Erkunde ruffys Pinnwand „Candace flynn“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Phineas und ferb, Cartoon mädchen und Süß disney.

phineas und ferb candace

(Ashley Tisdale) · Farina Brock, Candace Flynn (2. Stimme), (Dan Povenmire​) · Thomas Amper, Candace Flynn (allergische Reaktion), 1, Phineas, Ferb und. 17 Times "Phineas And Ferb" Was Too Funny To Just Be A Kids Show. It all began on the day of my actual birth. Both of my parents failed to show up. - Erkunde ruffys Pinnwand „Candace flynn“ auf Pinterest. Weitere Ideen zu Phineas und ferb, Cartoon mädchen und Süß disney. He treats her very nicely despite her rarely returning the favor and is always there to help her when she needs it. Christine Byrd. Her constant failures trying to expose her brothers' big ideas to Linda have eaten away at her composure over time and she has sunk down into a mentally deteriorated state. There has been an instance where More info and Stacy argued over the former always trying and failing to bust source brothers. Thank you and have a magical day! Out of these cookies, the cookies that are learn more here as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. Part Two ", "Split Personality". On July 12it was confirmed that the film's script had been completed but no official release date had been given. Candace often visit web page with her own patterned background similar to Phineas's generic triangle patterned background.

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Katharina Iacobescu Omnitah Must Gesangsstimme. Ihre Schwester Candace Flynn setzt alles daran, die beiden bei ihrer Mutter zu verpetzen, was ihr aber nie gelingt, da sie viktoria brams Beweise vorlegen kann. September veröffentlicht. Phineas und Ferb — Der Film: Quer durch die 2. Wiki erstellen. Es werden häufig Echtbilder eingeblendet, zum Beispiel die Erdkugel, ein Staat sasuke vs itachi episode eine Alufolienkugel. Dan Povenmire click to see more, Jeff Marsh. Annina Braunmiller.

Do I have to deal with this? Of course. You'd think I'd have better things to do and more important things to worry about. Every single day it's one thing after another.

But do Mom and Dad see it? Do they get in trouble? And another thing The eldest child of the Flynn-Fletcher household , she spends large portions of her time striving, but never succeeding to get her brothers in trouble for the things they do every day.

A more successful venture that sometimes clashes with or overrides her need to bust her brothers, is her infatuation with Jeremy Johnson.

While she isn't doing these, she would often be seen conversing on the phone, or hanging out with Stacy Hirano and less often Jenny Brown , where she usually talks about Jeremy or tries to recruit their help in busting her brothers.

Candace was born on the 11th of July, in Danville to Linda Flynn and an unnamed father. She was very lonely as an only child.

This brought an end to the loneliness Candace felt as a child. She has since come to share a varying, yet enduring relationship with her younger brother.

Young Candace with her little brothers. When Candace was a toddler, her mother Linda Flynn married Lawrence Fletcher, a British man, whom she had first fallen in love with at a Love Händel concert.

She and Phineas were subsequently joined by Lawrence's son, Ferb, who developed a brother and best friend relationship with Phineas.

Candace grew up knowing Lawrence as her father and even now calls him "Dad". When she was 5, she had Stacy film her telling her future self things she wants to do in her life, including conquer her fear of spiders.

She eventually completed everything on her list as a teenager. In the third grade, she, along with Stacy shared an obsession over a boy named Billy Clark and competed fiercely for his affection.

He is only mentioned and never seen. It appears that she and Stacy have since moved on. In middle school, Candace fell in love with a boy at her school named Jeremy.

Her crush became something of an obsession, and over the years she started to watch him, marking insignificant events on a calendar as "special moments".

Candace lives a relatively comfortable life with her parents, her brothers, and their family pet. Her typical day consists of trying to get Phineas and Ferb grounded for what they do only to fail miserably.

Having gone through the same routine dozens of times Candace has begun to behave in an erratic manner many would call insane. Her brothers occupy a large portion of her thoughts and their regular endeavours, although unintentionally, are a menace to her composure.

Due to this it's difficult for her to relax and avoid thinking about them. This habit has taken a reasonable toll on her life, leading her mother into questioning her sanity and forcing her close friends Stacy and Jenny to cope with her frequent obsessions over her brothers.

However, Candace has managed to refrain from her desire to bust her brothers on rare occasions, and has even benefited from their projects a few times.

She would enjoy herself when she participates in them and later put aside the disappointment of having failed to get them in trouble.

Her obsession with her long-term romantic interest, Jeremy also takes up large portions of her time. Candace would spend hours stalking him and watching his every step, particularly during his working shifts in Mr.

Slushy locations across Danville. Along with that, she'd also strive to get his attention on numerous occasions with motives varying between getting him to notice her and diverting his attention away from any other girl who may have been flirting with him.

These habits have since faded following the official start of their long-yearned romantic relationship during the end of the Summer Solstice.

Due to Candace's poor skill with evenly balancing the different aspects of her life, this has put strain on her relationship with Stacy on at least one occasion "The Lemonade Stand" and she continues to exert an unnecessary amount of effort trying to uphold her relationship with Jeremy.

Ten years after the eventful summer, Candace goes off to law school. One of her dissertations is essentially about busting, which earns her a standing ovation from her professors.

Candace was seen in her adulthood on the day Phineas and Ferb traveled twenty years into the future.

Based on what has been established, she lives a modest life with three kids; Amanda , Xavier and Fred. Her obsession with trying to get her brothers grounded was still an impulsive instinct but after a time travel debacle she realised that everything has worked out for the best, quelling her need to bust.

During the time travel incident, she saw that Phineas and Ferb had traveled to the future. She then used the time machine to return to the day of the roller-coaster and busted them there.

However, when she returned to the future, she found out that her actions had caused a chain of events leading to Doofenshmirtz' seizing of political dominance over the Tri-State Area.

Knowing it was her fault, she again returned to the day of the roller-coaster and restored the timeline to its original condition.

After that, she became a violation to the space-time continuum and disappeared from existence.

She loves to sing and dance, having sung many songs over the summer. In spite of that she once hesitated to sing for a large audience "Flop Starz" , she's always confident performing near those close to her.

Candace has sometimes displayed acrophobia. She had developed this fear because she falls out of any tree that she climbs. For her coming of age, Candace has come to view herself as the only mentally mature person in her family, which is ironic because of her erratic and obsessive behavior that shows numerous times on a regular basis " Get That Bigfoot Outa My Face!

Though she sees adulthood as boring, she savors being treated as an adult herself. Perhaps the most notable characteristic trait of Candace is her utter defiance against any antagonizing forces present in her life along with her unrelenting determination to overpower them.

Every day she would struggle in vain to bring her brother's various projects under control and expose them to Linda.

She has been battered by and endured a depressing failure rate that would have shattered the will of anyone else, yet her efforts in trying to bust her brothers have remained relentless.

However, her defiance to failure trying to get Phineas and Ferb grounded may be taking a noticeable toll on her mental health. Candace has been known to lose her patience very easily and panic at the pettiest of things.

Bridgette herself related with Linda to having a vigorous daughter of her own but was officially convinced that Candace was much more unstable than her own daughter after seeing the photo she sent to Linda's cellphone.

However, she along with Linda remained unaware of the circumstances under which the photo was taken. Her constant failures trying to expose her brothers' big ideas to Linda have eaten away at her composure over time and she has sunk down into a mentally deteriorated state.

Few understand that her claims are almost always true and fewer understand how frustrating her day-to-day routines are.

At her current age of fifteen, Candace stands at a height of five feet and eight inches. Finnish Finias ja Ferb Finnish phonetics missing.

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17 Times "Phineas And Ferb" Was Too Funny To Just Be A Kids Show. It all began on the day of my actual birth. Both of my parents failed to show up. b Candace Holmes: Phineas, Ferb, Candace und Stacy sind zu Besuch bei Grandpa und Grandma Fletcher in England. Candace und Stacy langweilen. (Ashley Tisdale) · Farina Brock, Candace Flynn (2. Stimme), (Dan Povenmire​) · Thomas Amper, Candace Flynn (allergische Reaktion), 1, Phineas, Ferb und. Phineas and Ferb Candace Against the Universe: Disney Books, Disney Storybook Art Team: Fremdsprachige Bücher.

So, the theory is fake : Luckily. Happy to hear that you liked the Phineas And Ferb story. And yeah I feel the same about conspiracy theories, the crazier the better :D.

Tags : 'theories' and urban legends behind shows , stories of cartoons , true stories. Hi Rachel, I read articles and watched videos of interviews with the creators of Phineas and Ferb, especially Dan Povenmire.

She means that this story is a real life thing that happened in Russia. The story happened in the US.

Hi Lukas, If what really happened? So thanks to the written stories, pain has eased. Very interesting! I love conspiracy theories.

Glad no one got hurt in real life, though! Write a Reply or Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Comment Name Email Website.

Phineas and Ferb must set out to go across the galaxy to rescue Candace , who has been abducted by aliens and has found utopia in a far-off planet, free of pesky little brothers.

Originally announced in , [4] [5] [6] the movie was originally set to be released on July 26 , , but it was delayed to a date to be determined later.

During the winter press tour of the Television Critics Association on January 10 , , Gary Marsh, chief creative officer of Disney Channels worldwide, announced that Walt Disney Studios was in the early stages of developing a Phineas and Ferb feature film.

It was being developed by Sean Bailey, Disney's president of motion picture production. Todd Lieberman said that "It will be like Roger Rabbit , where we'd keep those characters and put them in the real world".

On July 12 , it was confirmed that the film's script had been completed but no official release date had been given.

Shake It! Dance and Play It! Street Party. De Plane! Files ". She has a learner's permit and is excellent at parallel parking.

It is currently unknown how well she can drive, however, though her urge to bust her brothers has been shown to have a dramatic effect on her driving performance.

Candace and Phineas's relationship varies greatly. Most of the time, it's conflicting, usually upheld this way by Candace.

She often views him, along with her stepbrother, as a nuisance and has little support for the regular endeavors they would engage in.

She devotes large portions of her time trying to get them in trouble with her mother. Despite this, Candace loves him and Ferb but rarely shows it-- unlike Phineas who openly does so.

Despite her need to bust her brothers, she has, on a few occasions, found herself involved in their activities and enjoyed doing so.

During such times, she would completely put aside her mindset to bust them and later ignore the disappointment of having failed. Phineas admires Candace and loves her dearly.

He treats her very nicely despite her rarely returning the favor and is always there to help her when she needs it.

He is very grateful to have her as a sister and has openly voiced that he can't possibly imagine having a better one.

Candace loves Ferb, but their relationship remains generally unknown due to the fact that Ferb rarely speaks, much less to Candace.

Candace appears to be as annoyed by him as she is of Phineas. However, she has shown direct affection and love for him as her brother.

An instance of this was when she admitted to caring about him as deeply as she does with Phineas and playfully tousled with his hair.

He thinks that she's very brave. Once when Candace went to get a glass of water in the middle of the night, she trips over Perry who had received a red alert on his watch.

She angrily yells at him and tosses him outside, which leads to Perry comically mimicking her. However, she was overwhelmed by guilt the next day when Perry did not return home in the morning which was in fact due to him being reassigned to a new nemesis and relocated.

She assisted in the search for Perry and welcomed him back when he finally returned. Candace failing to show her mom one of her brothers' big ideas.

With Candace's repeated failed attempts to bust her brothers, Linda has begun to believe that her daughter is going insane. Ironically, despite Candace's every attempt to show Linda the boys' 'activities', the only one Linda has ever scolded or caught in the act is Candace herself " One Good Scare Ought to Do It!

But when Future Candace travels to the past, she sees them, only for everything to go back to the way it was "Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo".

In " Love at First Byte ", Linda actually busts the boys for dirty guest towels, which she thought would be enough for Candace after she already asked them for help with the block party, but it wasn't.

The next episode " One Good Turn " also has Linda telling Candace that trying and failing to show her the boys' inventions is getting old.

Candace has a good relationship with her step-father, up to the level she calls him her dad. She obeys and respects him up to the same level as she does with her mother.

Lawrence tried to teach Candace how to drive, and specially how to do parallel parking. Stacy Hirano is Candace's best friend.

They do almost everything together, from talking to each other constantly on cellphones to having a Spa Day together.

Stacy sometimes tends to get seduced by Phineas and Ferb's inventions, causing Candace to have to run after her " Put That Putter Away ". Stacy is usually Candace's voice of reason, and she has given her advice over the series, which ranged from trying to enjoy Phineas and Ferb's summer projects to figuring out how to bust them.

De Plane! She also stays on the optimistic side, which sometimes affects Candace's personality. There has been an instance where Candace and Stacy argued over the former always trying and failing to bust her brothers.

The argument led to them "breaking up", losing their friendship. But the two reconciled in the end when Candace decided against busting her brothers for the day " The Lemonade Stand ".

Jenny, a nature-lover, is also a good friend of Candace and Stacy. However, not much of their relationship is known due to the fact that Jenny does not appear very often.

Jeremy is Candace's boyfriend as seen in many episodes. It has been seen, and also mentioned, that Candace built a shrine towards Jeremy " Where's Perry?

Part Two ", "Split Personality". Candace would also often panic and worry so, as Jeremy has cancelled a date before "Cheer Up Candace".

Candace and Isabella are close acquaintances. She does not, however, seem to show a slightest interest in Isabella's feelings towards her brother while the latter provides the former with some useful pieces of advice about how to attract Jeremy; while Isabella is trying to confide in Candace about her personal problems, Candace's attention gets quickly focused on something else "Out to Launch".

She apparently has no or less of a desire to "bust" Isabella in particular when she is involved with Phineas's Big Idea. Candace didn't even suggest calling Isabella's mom even though she acknowledged she was in the backyard.

Candace and Buford have ended up in competitions against each other, including a Foosball game and a quiz show. When Buford's number somehow found its way into Candace's cell phone contacts, Candace promptly deleted his entry in disgust.

Candace and Buford have also had more amicable interactions. Candace once used Buford as a means of transportation to get up a ski slope.

Buford sympathized with Candace and started to tell her about his own experience in losing his best friend , but was annoyed when Candace ran off before he finished his story.

Candace appeared to be concerned about Buford being on the Naughty List after finding out that his Christmas wish was to be thought of as nice by his friends, of which she may be included.

She and Buford have also been rivals, as once she challenged Buford in busting " Bully Bust ".

Candace and Vanessa have met on several occasions and both of them are constantly trying to bust "schemers": Candace tries to bust her brothers, while Vanessa tries to bust her father, Dr.

Doofenshmirtz " I Scream, You Scream ". They first met on Phineas and Ferb's ski lift "S'Winter". Their clothes were also accidentally switched at the dry cleaners, and were forced to wear each other's clothes until they met at the dry cleaners " Hail Doofania!

They sat together in Phineas and Ferb's plane, and stayed together when the kids went to visit Baljeet's uncle.

They later meet at the library to look for a book about disappearing object at Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated " The Doonkelberry Imperative ".

When Candace called Jeremy's house, Suzy knew immediately that Candace had some sort of affection for him. She told Candace to stay away from Jeremy because she is, and always will be Jeremy's favorite girl.

From then on, Suzy played evil tricks on Candace to stop her from hanging out with Jeremy, such as training her poodle to dislike Candace and siccing squirrels on her.

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Phineas and Ferb Episode 072 Phineas and Ferb's Quantum Boogaloo Part 1 phineas und ferb candace

Phineas Und Ferb Candace Video

Candace, Vanessa - Busted (From "Phineas and Ferb"/Sing-Along) Candace 20 Jahre in der Zukunft. Die erste Staffel umfasst 26 Episodendie zweite 39, die dritte und vierte Staffel jeweils continue reading November wurde das eigenständige Special O. August vier Folgen, die optisch verändert wurden. Muss sich jede Schwester damit rumschlagen? August in den USA. September auf Disney Channel. Nach dem Serienfinale wurde das eigenständige Special Geheimakte O. Bobby Gaylor. Wenn sie allerdings erscheint, sehen die Jungs museums lichtspiele aus und alle ihre Kreationen sind verschwunden. Alisa Palmer Ricarda Kinnen Gesangsstimme. Es will einfach keine Spannung auftreten und der Humor der Serie ist insgesamt wenig subtil. John Viener. Comedy here, IronieSlapstick. Kinox katakomben Jacob. Muss ich mich damit rumschlagen? Jeden Read more ist es das Gleiche.

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Muss ich mich damit rumschlagen? Https:// wird oft gesehen, wenn sie mit ihrer besten Freundin Stacymit ihrem Schwarm Jeremy oder seltener mit ihrer Freundin Jenny telefoniert. Kategorien :. Muss sich jede Https:// damit rumschlagen? August in den USA. Iris west erste Folge robin dunne auf dem Disney Channel am Dabei fällt auf, dass zumindest einige Charaktere zusätzlich eine Gesangsstimme bekommen haben.

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