What is the EDE?

An Intensive Residential Training

The 2018 Ängsbacka Ecovillage Design Education is a certified 31-day experiential training in community design and holistic solutions for social, cultural, economic and ecological regeneration. It takes place at the Ängsbacka course centre and community, Sweden, and is certified by both Gaia Education and the Global Ecovillage Network.

A Rich and Diverse Programme

The programme starts with three days of using ecovillage tools to set the scene and cocreate the beginnings of a creative and participatory learning community. This is followed by four weeks of applied and experiential learning, one for each dimension of regeneration – social, culture, economy and ecology. Weaving through the weeks is the design studio, where you integrate and apply what you learn in the design of your own regenerative community or project. Here you can find the preliminary schedule.


A Whole-Systems Approach to Action

The Ängsbacka EDE embraces a whole-systems view of change and focuses on tools and approaches that encourage personal, social and planetary resilience and wellbeing. For us, all three levels of the system are important. To have positive impact – understand the system you work in and learn tools for transformation. If you are a changemaker, self-care is a political act. To cocreate the world we believe in, caring for each other and creating resilient circles that hold and restore us is part of the beautiful and necessary work we do. In the Ängsbacka EDE, we will work with all these levels, and make them an active part of our designs and the way we are together.


What will you get out of the EDE?

  • Grow and communicate your ideas for the future –  and turn them into new possibilities and projects
  • Learn, experience and apply tools for community-building and collaboration
  • Be inspired and resourced by existing solutions and decades of innovation and experience in ecovillages, communities and urban transition settings worldwide
  • Develop your own regenerative project, or cocreate someone else’s, using participatory methods and whole systems design
  • Be supported by experienced experts in the fields of social, cultural, ecological and economic regeneration, ecovillage living and community design
  • Learn, play and explore together with an international group of engaged people for a full month of community living, mutual support and cocreation
  • Get access to a growing network of changemakers, ecovillages, communities and activists worldwide
  • Organise EDE courses yourself by becoming a certified EDE designer by Gaia Education and receiving the UNESCO Global Action Programme on ESDContributor Seal (Subject to Certification by Gaia Education).

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