What if we approach today’s challenges as opportunities to unleash our creativity in designing regenerative solutions for ourselves, our communities and the planet?

How can we come together to empower each other, take action, and multiply our positive impact in the world?

How can we cocreate just, peaceful, caring and dynamic local communities that actively regenerate the world within and around us?

These are questions that Ecovillages all over the world have been exploring for decades – and not just in theory, but through living. An ecovillage is a rural or urban community using participatory design to regenerate social, cultural, economic and ecological systems. They exist all over the world, linked by a belief in the power of community to create personal, social and planetary  thriving.

The Ecovillage Design Education at Ängsbacka is an opportunity to learn about, experience and apply the innovations, tools and solutions of these lived experiments to what you want to create in the world – be it a community, a project, an organisation, or a more sustainable personal life.

If this sounds exciting to you, we warmly invite you to join us for 31 days of cocreating a vibrant learning community, diving deep into community-based tools for regeneration, and designing projects for both personal and planetary transformation.

Book before December 25 to secure your place and support the organisation of the EDE!